Corporate Social Responsiblity

Chobe Holdings Limited (“Chobe”) believes in creating shared value through our integrated approach of investing in wildlife, investing in people and investing in Botswana. We do this by developing meaningful and longstanding relationships with communities, organisations and programmes in line with the values of Vision 2036.

It is Chobe policy that funding for Corporate Social Responsibility programmes comes from group treasury and is accounted for at subsidiary company level. Geographically the primary areas of support are those areas in which the group operates, North West, Chobe and Central Districts.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is met through our investments in wildlife.

Desert & Delta Safaris participates in the rhino relocation program through the provision of funds for darting and monitoring rhino movements in the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park. A further contribution is made to Rhino Conservation Botswana by Ker & Downey Botswana (Dinaka).

The UNDP Sustainable Land Management Program in partnership with the University of Botswana created the Peter Smith University of Botswana (PSUB) Herbarium Project. This project aims to create a digital database to provide easy access to facts that will allow further investigation of the botanical history of Northern Botswana. Desert & Delta Safaris provided financial support to the project.

A donation towards auction prizes at the annual Kalahari Conservation Society dinner dance was made.

By investing in people, both staff and communities, we have developed an innovative and integrated corporate social responsibility programme which is coupled to community development initiatives, where possible in support of government programmes.

Chobe currently provides support to three schools through the government’s ‘adopt-a-school’ policy.

Tshodilo Junior Secondary School (Desert & Delta Safaris – Camp Xakanaxa) was supported through the provision of uniforms, stationery and bags to twenty students. A further twenty students were treated to a weekend getaway at Leroo La Tau Lodge to experience the reality of tourism and conservation at the same level as full paying customers.

Kumaga Primary School (Desert & Delta Safaris - Leroo La Tau) students were taken on game activities to appreciate Botswana’s wildlife experience. Financial assistance was also provided to the school to assist in various areas such as trophies to students that achieved a pass mark of over 75%, career fair and provision of PSLE revision books which contributed to the school posting the best PSLE results in the Boteti region.

Liswaani Junior Secondary School (Chobe Game Lodge) was provided with books and other materials required for science and mathematics. Prizes to best performing students were also given in addition to repairing and refurbishing desks.

Two students are also sponsored on a full bursary basis by Desert & Delta Safaris to study International Hospitality Management degree courses offered by the Botswana Accountancy College. This number will increase to three from 2018.

In 2006 Chobe Game Lodge developed a relationship with the Botswana National Youth Council which resulted in the youth of the Chobe District being trained in the Food and Beverage departments at Chobe Game Lodge. Nearly 200 young men and women have been trained since inception of the program with over 50 being employed by Chobe Game Lodge on a full-time basis.

Chobe provided financial sponsorship to Chobe United Football Club (Chobe Game Lodge).

Independence Day celebrations were supported through financial support at Kumaga Village (Desert & Delta Safaris - Leroo La Tau), Kasane, Kazungula and Lesoma (Chobe Game Lodge).

The Tshodilo Stimulation Centre ensures that approximately thirty children receive a regular wholesome lunch and also provides the centre with much needed equipment.
Bana Ba Letsatsi (Ker & Downey Botswana) supports approximately 100 vulnerable and orphaned children in Maun. Ker & Downey Botswana is Bana Ba Letastsi’s major donor, making monthly contributions. Over and above the financial contribution Ker & Downey Botswana provides opportunities for children to experience the otherwise inaccessible wilderness on their doorstep. In partnership with the pack for a purpose programme Ker & Downey Botswana also encourages guests to contribute essential targeted supplies.

Through a programme aimed at empowering vulnerable women in the Chobe District, by opening a hair salon, Chobe Game Lodge has contributed rent for the business premises. The programme looks to uplift lives by creating alternative job opportunities through training and providing an enabling environment.

In Maun Desert & Delta Safaris contributed towards the security upgrades at the Women Against Rape shelter. Security is paramount for the vulnerable women and children who take refuge at the shelter.

More broadly in Botswana, the Lady Khama Charitable Trust benefitted from financial sponsorship and bi-annual sponsorship was provided to SOS Children’s villages.

Within Botswana Chobe encourages broad-based participation in both the tourism and financial markets through our listing on the Botswana Stock Exchange.